An important function of our attorneys is assisting clients with complicated issues that arise daily in the workplace.

For employers, we help draft documents with the goal of protecting their valuable confidential information, trade secrets, and customer goodwill, as well as to create clear, enforceable contracts that will stand up to future challenges. For employees, we evaluate how enforceable the contracts they’re asked to sign are, provide guidance on the fairness of their terms, and suggest alterations to ensure their best interests are not at undue risk.

When it comes to enforcing those contracts, whether the complaint involves compliance with federal or state law and regulations, is rooted in a contractual dispute, or arises out of alleged discrimination in violation of civil rights, KMK attorneys are effective advocates to support and represent your interests. We employ the strategies most likely to achieve the best results for our clients, including negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. Though we seek to avoid litigation whenever possible, it is one of our strengths: we have extensive experience in trial and appellate litigation in the federal and state courts and in administrative tribunal proceedings.

We know that the best result for our clients often depends on many variables, including cost, speed, and the avoidance of negative publicity. That’s why we provide our clients with timely and realistic assessments of their cases, allowing them to make informed decisions appropriate to the wider business context. Contact us to learn more.