Community associations are multi-faceted corporations responsible for critical community functions such as budgeting and finances, covenant enforcement, insurance and maintenance of common property, and improvements to help maintain the property’s appearance and value.

The boards of condominiums, townhomes, and homeowners’ associations must contend with many different areas of the law including corporate law, real estate law, contract law, collection law, foreclosure, and bankruptcy law, zoning law, taxation, and federal law, including the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

At KMK, we recognize the unique and multifaceted nature of community associations. Our primary focus is to advise association directors and officers, and their community managers or property managers, on all aspects of applicable laws. We can answer your day-to-day questions regarding administrative, operational, technical, and practical matters as they relate to:

  • Community Associations;
  • Condominiums;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Homeowners Associations; and
  • Master Associations.
We provide strategic guidance in the interpretation, review, and development of governing documents and assist with developing and implementing policies and best practices. We can also help you draft, interpret, and negotiate leases, easements, and contracts, handle construction liens within association premises, assist boards with owner disputes, assist in securing adequate insurance, as well as provide guidance for maintenance or construction projects and related financing.

We take pride in using creative methods to help resolve disputes in the most efficient manner. However, while we prefer to work proactively to avoid the courtroom, KMK litigation attorneys are widely regarded throughout the state of Wisconsin and the United States for their ability to handle complex litigation matters, if the need arises.

KMK offers a full range of services and resources available to help navigate the unique legal parameters pertaining to community associations. To talk to an attorney with the knowledge and experience to resolve your specific issue, call KMK.

Team Leaders

Samuel C. Wisotzkey - Department Chair
David M. Henry (Liens & Bonds)