Samuel C. Wisotzkey - | Department Chair

In today’s complex and often turbulent financial environment, innovative legal approaches are required to ensure that your business and financial objectives are met.

Whether your business is in its initial phases or has been around for a century, the need for quality representation remains the same.

At KMK, the attorneys in our Business & Financial Services group are prepared to provide you with coordinated legal counsel across a wide array of business activities. We regularly assist our clients in the negotiation of transactions and the preparation of contracts and other tools to leverage commercial advantage while staying grounded on secure legal foundations.

We recognize that a lawsuit prevented is often more desirable than a victory in court. That's why we strive to spare our clients the disruption and expense of litigation. However, when disputes do arise, our experienced, commercially astute attorneys are more than capable of securing positive results through the courts. In fact, our reputation in business and financial law adds to the strength of our negotiations, which puts you in the best position to make decisions based on realistic assessments of litigation risks.

Let KMK represent and support your organization’s business and financial legal needs. Call us to find out how to put our global reputation for success and rich tradition of results to work for you.