Whether you are trying to uphold or reverse a trial court result, winning on appeal requires a unique mindset and approach.

At KMK, we understand what appellate judges are trying to accomplish, and we know how to identify trial-court issues and how to most effectively frame them for the appeals court. Our appellate attorneys have the experience, talent, and dedication to present your best possible case to the appellate court.

KMK has a vigorous statewide appellate practice throughout Wisconsin as well as experience in federal and state courts of appeal across the country, including favorable rulings from the U.S. Supreme Court. Our deep understanding of and experience with appellate proceedings put KMK at the top of any list for appellate counsel (and, from time to time, we serve as appellate counsel for other firms).

If you need a team of experienced appellate lawyers to fight for you, contact us at 414-962-5110.