Each year, KMK handles thousands of commercial debt collection matters, recovering millions of dollars of funds owed to our clients for goods and services.

We work diligently for our clients to get their accounts receivable “off the books and into the bank.”

Our Commercial Collections attorneys are well trained and equipped to liquidate delinquent accounts promptly and they strive to minimize the added costs and delay of legal action. Whatever defenses or counterclaims a debtor may raise against our clients or their claims, our attorneys cut through such dilatory tactics with dispatch to deliver results.

Our capabilities as a one-stop-shop for creditors’ legal needs are underscored by our ability to handle the recovery of accounts receivable wherever a debtor may be located. We manage a multi-million-dollar portfolio of commercial debt with a proven record of prompt and successful resolution of debt collection matters throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, or the world, and our success rate on recoveries is unmatched.

When requested, KMK can enforce collection through legal proceedings utilizing KMK litigation attorneys and, when necessary, an international network of experienced co-counsel to handle matters beyond our areas of jurisdiction. We also offer several creative fee structures to give our clients greater flexibility and to minimize the volatility of recovery costs for varying quantities of claims and claim sizes.

KMK understands that time is money. Our attorneys have the skills and resources to quickly and cost-effectively pursue the collection of your accounts with or without suit, as the circumstances may require. Call (414) 962-5110 to find out why we’re so successful.