KMK has a long and distinguished record of perfecting and enforcing construction liens and bonds throughout the U.S. and leveraging them to recover money due.

Except on federally owned projects, the requirements for filing, recording, and enforcing lien or bond claims are governed by state law and differ considerably from state to state. Regardless of where construction occurs, tight and inflexible deadlines can render errors and inaccuracies fatal to the rights of a creditor seeking to enforce a lien or bond claim. Successful recovery, of what is often substantial debt, depends on the creditor’s lien or bond rights being secured correctly and in a timely manner.

For a lien or bond claim to be valid, it must be based upon accurate information. Unless errors are detected at the outset, the time for required notices or filings, sometimes as little as twenty days from the first appearance on site, may expire before the error can be detected, remedied, and enforcement made possible. Ensuring a valid lien is filed requires a deep understanding of both the construction job in question, the governing lien or bond law, and asking the right questions, which can be the difference between full recovery or a complete write-off.

Unlike many lien service providers, KMK is a law firm that has the skills and expertise to identify issues and validate information required to ensure the lien or bond claim is properly perfected. In addition to securing lien and bond claims, we also assist clients in establishing the processes required to ensure accurate information gathering and deadlines. We are frequently required to gather the relevant facts and determine if our client is legally entitled to assert a lien or bond claim.

By ensuring that our clients have accurate lien and bond claims filed and enforced within the applicable deadlines, KMK attorneys have established a record of speeding-up and increasing net recoveries by our clients, wherever the debtor is located in the United States. If you need help perfecting and enforcing construction lien and payment bond claims anywhere in the world, contact a KMK attorney.