Building a structure is complex.

Construction, as an industry, is even more so. Builders must follow innumerable rules and regulations before they’re allowed to clear a single tree.

The inner workings of the construction industry are comprised of an intricate mix of private and public companies, sub-contractors, municipal representatives, community organizations, politicians, lobbyists, and various other entities. Any activity requires a library of legal knowledge and procedural understanding specific to the industry. Yet, despite all the variables involved, there is still one universal constant: tight and inflexible documentation deadlines that can stop a construction project in its tracks if there are errors or inaccuracies.

KMK has an impeccable record of working through red tape to get results. Our attorneys focus on timely, accurate documentation at the outset so there is plenty of time to address the required notices or filings that inevitably crop up. They take great care to ensure that inaccuracies and errors that can occur after multiple rounds of edits are identified, remedied, and made enforceable prior to deadlines.

In addition to receiving carefully drafted legal documents, by using KMK you benefit from our reputation as accomplished litigators, which enables us to successfully negotiate on your behalf. This one-stop shop philosophy provides you with a wealth of legal services that extends to every aspect of construction law and to every corner of the nation.

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