Most construction projects have multiple entities involved, each with their own interests and concerns.

When unforeseen events impact the project, such as disputes about scope-of-work and payment, it’s not unusual to see a dispute turn into a complex legal issue, often resulting in a construction lien, or Mechanic’s Lien, being issued.

Over the years, KMK has perfected and enforced construction lien claims in nearly every state in the country. We are a one-stop-shop that can handle your construction lien claims from cradle to grave, no matter where the job is.

When a client comes to us with a potential lien claim, we quickly review the applicable state lien law, gather the necessary background facts and immediately determine whether our client is eligible to assert a construction lien claim and, if so, identify the deadlines by which they must perfect and enforce the lien claim. Then, we will ensure the lien is filed and properly served before the applicable deadlines.

If litigation becomes necessary, we have an experienced team of litigators that can act quickly to enforce your lien rights.