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Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy

Landlord Representation and Eviction

Lease agreements need to be honored. When a tenant breaches the terms and conditions of a lease and refuses to negotiate a reasonable resolution, landlords are left with no alternative but to go to the courts and request the right to regain possession of the property which rightfully belongs to them. KMK attorneys have knowledge and experience in negotiating resolutions and representing our client’s interests in eviction proceedings.


In some instances, the local sheriff’s department may be required to remove the tenants or property that has since been abandoned. The process can be arduous, time consuming, and expensive. However, KMK has built a solid reputation with local county sheriffs over the past several years, which help ensure evictions are completed in a timely and lawful manner. Our superior knowledge of court proceedings and reputation in local communities allows our clients to retake their property and locate new tenants in an expeditious manner.

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