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Creditors' Rights & Bankruptcy

Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and other defaults impact the rights of creditors in a nuanced way. The filing of a bankruptcy petition automatically affords special protections and requirements to debtors that complicate the actions a creditor may take when enforcing its rights.


KMK offers a wide array of creditors’ rights and bankruptcy experience and services to help our clients navigate the intricate civil and bankruptcy procedures. Our attorneys listen to our clients’ concerns, evaluate the overall situation, and recommend the best course of action based on our clients’ desires, while advising on the strengths and weaknesses of the course of action. We provide a diverse array of creditors’ rights and bankruptcy services including:


  • Bankruptcy;
  • Critical Vender and Section 366 Utility Motions;
  • Foreclosure and Land Contracts;
  • Landlord Representation and Evictions;
  • Lender Liability Defense;
  • Loan/Lease Restructuring and Workouts;
  • Preference and Fraudulent Transfer Litigation;
  • Receiverships and Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors; and
  • Replevin, Equipment Recovery, and Repossession.


Our systems are designed to flag mandatory timelines and nuances in the judicial system, such as local rules and changes of personnel, as well as identifying common impediments to state and federal proceedings. Most importantly, our case management system is regularly reviewed and evaluated to determine new opportunities for technological and business process enhancement. Our objective is to stay on the “cutting edge” of technological capability.


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