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Contaminated Property Litigation

The redevelopment of contaminated property has become a driving force in the environmental field as developers increasingly identify contaminated parcels in highly desirable locations as undervalued targets for acquisition and redevelopment.
Toxic tort litigation often involves a company fighting on two fronts: (1) combating nebulous and unfounded health claims made by a plaintiff; and (2) battling an insurer to ensure that it fully complies with its contractual obligations. KMK attorneys have experience in successfully delivering for our clients on both fronts.
Our Business Litigation attorneys can help you negotiate the minefield of issues surrounding contaminated property to ensure the best possible outcome. We understand that contaminated property involves numerous issues and that good outcomes often depend on a team approach, combining skilled professionals from multiple disciplines. Our attorneys have experience working as part of such multidisciplinary teams and can help advance your case in a manner that is both effective and cost efficient.
To that end, the focus of property litigation cannot just be on victory in court. Strategy in such litigation must support your overall goals, which may include commercial opportunities at issue, controlling costs and liability, and maintaining positive relations with regulatory agencies, investors, community leaders, and the public at large.
KMK attorneys will work with you from the outset to formulate and execute a strategy calculated to sustain your wider business objectives. We’ve helped other property owners recover cleanup costs from insurers and other responsible parties, and we’ve successfully defended natural resource damage and cost recovery claims. We’re confident we can help you, too. Call us today at (414) 962-5110.

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