Dan obtained his paralegal certificate in 1989 from Carthage College in Kenosha, WI and prior to joining KMK in 1995 he managed the legal department and was the assistant manager of a collection agency in Racine, Wisconsin.

In addition to collecting delinquent accounts, Dan is a top-notch investigator with extensive experience uncovering hard-to-find facts and evidence to aid our clients in correctly filing mechanic’s liens, locating assets to apply to judgments, and tracking down debtors who are attempting to evade detection, among other things.

Dan is adept at utilizing both human and on-line resources to unearth the facts and evidence that enable our clients to better decide how to proceed in connection with a particular matter, whether it be a collection claim, a mechanic’s lien claim, or whether and to what extent a client will extend credit to a customer or prospective customer.

With 25 years of experience as a paralegal and investigator, Dan is an invaluable resource for going behind the scenes to locate assets, evaluating adverse witnesses, obtaining the litigation history of debtors and adverse parties, verifying the business structures of debtors, and identifying important background information that can make the crucial difference when it comes to filing effective and enforceable mechanic’s liens.