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Clients Beware! The Federal Reserve Is Warning of High-Debt Risk Making Now the Time to Gear Up and Protect Your Receivables

December 14, 2018 | Categories: Firm News | Topics:Tags: , ,

There are growing signs of financial instability in the U.S. economy, including high debt levels, and our clients should be mindful of the risks and work with competent counsel to prepare for the potential downturn in the economy and increased levels of bad debt.


In its recent report on financial stability, the Federal Reserve warned that the U.S. economic system is vulnerable to elevated asset prices, historically high debt owed by businesses, and the increasing issuance of risky debt. In its report, the Federal Reserve also expressed concern that the commercial real estate market is at risk because prices of property are increasing at a faster rate than rents. The Fed’s warnings are issued in the midst of rising interest rates that are beginning to negatively impact the economy, resulting in concerns in the financial markets and elsewhere that growth is slowing.


Keeping in mind these growing risks to the economy, KMK clients must more thoroughly and carefully evaluate the credit risks posed by their customers. Further, it is critical to stay on top of the age of receivables and tighten standards to flag potential bad debt early and take aggressive action to ensure the maximum level of recovery on debt not paid within terms.


As always, KMK stands ready to assist our clients in minimizing the risk that a significant economic downturn could impact their ability to recover their receivables. When facing these risks, it is critical to move early, quickly, and aggressively to ensure that you have the best chance to recover the balances you are owed. You can rely on KMK’s long history of successful receivable recovery to enhance your bottom line in this period of growing economic uncertainty.


If you have any questions about liquidating delinquent commercial debt, please contact KMK attorney Christopher C. Kailas at (414) 962-5110 or



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