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Employment Disputes & Non-Compete Agreements

In today’s business world, knowledge is a valuable asset. The information employees can take with them to a new company, such as trade secrets, customer data, and specialized training, can give their new company a competition advantage.


Non-compete agreements (variously known as non-solicitation agreements, restrictive covenants, and non-compete clauses) are increasingly being used by employers to ensure that when employees leave, they do not share the knowledge and skills they take with them. Although non-completion agreements are fairly common in employment contracts, they can be difficult to enforce.


Our Business Litigation group can help. Our knowledgeable attorneys have extensive litigation experience in state and federal courts throughout Wisconsin and across the nation. We can provide the resources and expertise necessary to address a non-compete matter whether you seek to enforce or resist such a restriction.


If you are involved in a potential violation of a non-compete agreement, we can help.


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