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Trusts & Estates


After speaking with and being advised by a KMK attorney, a client may decide that a will is the best instrument for his or her estate planning needs. A will is a legal instrument through which a client can memorialize his or her last wishes. Wills are versatile legal instruments that can be used to account for many different types of circumstances, such as naming beneficiaries or the distribution of assets. A will can also be used to name the guardians for children. Any will must also name an executor or executors for the purposes of administration.


KMK can provide legal advice on what can and cannot be accomplished through a will. We also provide recommendations as to the specific provisions of the will, should our client decide that a will is the best estate planning tool for him or her. Finally, once the client elects to include a will in their estate plan, we will draft the instrument itself according to the client’s specifications.

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