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There may be a time when you want a third party to handle your legal or financial decisions, for instance, if you’re traveling for an extended period of time. There may also come a time when you are unable, due to illness or accident, to make important decisions that will have a significant impact on your life.
If there is a specific friend, family member, or trusted advisor that you have in mind to handle your legal and financial affairs at such times, KMK can prepare a carefully tailored legal instrument that grants them power of attorney so they can best represent your interests and needs when you are unable to do so yourself.
Your power of attorney can be broad in scope, giving your agent the ability to make any and all financial and personal decisions for you, or they can be narrow in scope, limiting your agent’s authority by specifying the types of decisions you would like them to make on your behalf.
Your KMK attorney will meet with both you and your representative to explain, in detail, what each can expect should the need arise to utilize the power of attorney. Call KMK and get peace of mind.

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