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Power of Attorney

There may be times when a client wants a third party to handle the client’s legal or financial decisions. There also may be times when the client is not of sound mind and is unable to make those decisions. It is not enough to just name a third party to handle those decisions. If there is a specific person that a client has in mind to handle his or her legal and financial affairs at such times, KMK can prepare a carefully tailored legal instrument that grants the designated person a Power of Attorney.


The Power of Attorney will allow a representative or agent of the client’s choosing to make financial and legal decisions on behalf of the client, should the need arise. Rather than leaving the decision of who can best represent the client’s interests to the courts, clients can name a specific friend, family member or trusted advisor whom the client believes can best represent the client’s interests and needs. KMK will meet with both the client and the representative to explain, in detail, what each can expect should the need arise to utilize the Power of Attorney.

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