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Probate is a court-supervised process for distributing an individual’s assets at the time of their death. A trust administration is not a court-supervised process, but its goal is the same: to transfer assets from an individual who’s died to the beneficiaries who are identified in the trust.
The advantages of a trust administration over a probate proceeding include a potentially quicker distribution of the assets and property to beneficiaries, more privacy due to there being no court supervision, and, in most cases, less expense.
Probate court and trust administration can be difficult to navigate without legal guidance. Arguments between family and friends may arise over the distribution of assets, which can lead to prolonged legal battles. During such conflicts, it may be up to a third party to make the final determination of the decedent’s true intentions.
That’s why, in addition to trust and will document preparation, KMK will also represent you as the trustee of the estate or as the legal representative in probate court. KMK can provide a true representation of your intentions in probate rather than leaving the interpretation of the will up to the court and we will work to defeat any outside challenges to either your will or your trust to ensure that your wishes are honored. Contact our Trusts & Estates group for more information.

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