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It’s easy to delay answering uncomfortable questions such as, “What happens to my loved ones when I die?” So, it’s no surprise that roughly half of Americans don’t have a will, and even fewer have taken the time to do any sort of estate planning. That’s not to say they don’t think about it: clients usually have specific ideas about what should be done when they pass away, they just don’t put it in writing.
When it comes to real estate, investments, personal possessions, or even guardians for children, no one, especially the grieving, wants there to be lingering uncertainty. There are multiple methods to dictate how a personal estate should be distributed, such as a will or a living trust. However, determining which specific type of document best suits your goals and desires can be difficult and confusing.
KMK provides expert advice on how your estate planning needs can be best served. Our attorneys will listen to your ideas and ask the questions required to determine which legal vehicle is best suited for your needs. Our attorneys also provide input and recommendations so you can make the best and most informed decisions. Upon request, we provide legal representation for the executors or trustees of the estate in order to ensure that the administration of the estate goes as smoothly as possible and in accordance with your wishes.
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