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Real Estate Liquidation

When a homeowner is unable to meet the obligations of their home mortgage loan and becomes delinquent in payments, the bank has the right to take the property back from the borrower. Once the foreclosure process is complete and the homeowner has removed their belongings and vacated the property, the bank may then sell the home to regain its capital funding. That’s real estate liquidation.
In such matters, KMK delivers high quality representation that is cost-effective, professional, and judicially efficient. When communicating with borrowers, we adhere strictly to both state and federal consumer laws, including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our foreclosure liquidation complies with Wisconsin statutes and the local rules and ordinances to efficiently advance the interests and rights of our clients.
Unlike most law firms, we not only have attorneys dedicated to the practice of foreclosure law, but also have attorneys with long-established practices in bankruptcy, real estate, and collections law. Our diversified and experienced attorneys are excellent resources for negotiating real estate liquidations and obtaining court approval of the sale.
Contact us and let us put our global reputation for success and rich tradition of results to work for you.

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