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Mortage Default Services


As a landlord, you hope you never have to evict a tenant. Unfortunately, there are situations where eviction is the only remaining course of action.
At KMK, our intent is always to achieve a voluntary vacation of a premises. However, when a lock-out is necessary, we coordinate all legal aspects of the entire process to remove owners or tenants in a safe, cost-effective, and time-sensitive manner.
Our eviction services include:

  • Writs of Assistance;
  • “Cash 4 Keys” (upon client approval); and
  • Coordination with the local Sheriff’s Department, moving companies, and our clients’ representatives.

In addition to our excellent working relationships with the various sheriffs’ departments and moving companies across the state, we also work reasonably with the occupant of a premise prior to their eviction date to ensure the least disruption. Call KMK at (414) 962-5110 for more information.

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