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Professional Liability

Professional liability actions frequently involve large sums and may threaten the professional reputation of both the businesses and individuals involved. Litigation in such cases commonly involves radically different versions of events. Successful representation of a plaintiff or defendant requires the ability to grasp the commercial and regulatory context of any incident giving rise to the controversy.


KMK advises clients on legal and professional standards and helps them investigate and evaluate appropriate responses when allegations of violations arise. We also advise clients on addressing the culpability of other actors and the non-monetary and financial risks to our clients.


Our professional liability experience includes:


  • Lawyers’ legal and ethical malpractice;
  • Directors’ and officers’ compliance;
  • Business consultants’ obligations relating to financial advice and strategic planning;
  • Insurance agent and broker errors and omissions litigation;
  • Securities brokers and investment advisors’ legal and professional duties;
  • Business broker and investment adviser compliance with regulatory standards;
  • Real estate agents and brokers’ errors and omissions, licensing, and disciplinary issues; and
  • Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act violations brought against attorneys, accountants, insurance professionals, and corporate officers and directors.


We work to avoid the stress and financial drain that can be associated with lengthy professional liability claims and defenses. Where appropriate, we encourage resolution by arbitration or mediation to avoid protracted litigation for both sides, drawing upon our experience in commercial arbitration and mediation proceedings. When litigation cannot be avoided, experienced KMK litigators promote and represent our clients’ interests to the fullest.

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