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We are often called upon to act as associate counsel, whether the matter involves complex litigation, commercial finance issues, or a business transaction. Not all good law firms make good co-counsel. Because we regularly work with co-counsel on a variety of projects, we understand how to make the relationship work, as evidenced by our rich history of success in such ventures.
KMK is also well-suited to partner with counsel located outside of the United States. Our attorneys have practical experience in working with counsel and clients from different cultures and are at the forefront of the debate on effective legal representation in transnational dispute resolution and transactions.
All firms experience conflicts of interest or the need to call upon the support of another firm from time-to-time. In such circumstances, lawyers need to have the confidence that their client’s interests will be well-served and that their relationship with the client is respected.
KMK is frequently called upon by other firms to represent their clients in such circumstances. In fact, referrals often come from counsel who have previously faced us in court or sat across from us at the negotiating table. We regard these referrals as significant compliments from our peers, a testament to our legal prowess and professional integrity.
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Key Contacts

Robert L. Gegios – Business Litigation Department Chair
Matthew P. Gerdisch – Business & Financial Services Department Chair
Christopher C. Kailas – Commercial Collections Department Chair

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