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We tailor our service to maximize the effectiveness of the in-house legal function to fit our clients’ needs. We can take on all aspects of a given legal need, provide an external source of review of internal conclusions, or act as an ad hoc resource for areas outside of a client’s comfort zone. KMK is focused on providing service in a form most likely to maximize the return in the use of outside counsel and yet minimize the expenditure by our clients.


KMK attorneys are expected not only to understand an industry, but also the culture of our individual clients and the needs of the people with whom we work. We appreciate that our legal advice and assessments may need to be communicated to others within the client organization, who may not be lawyers. KMK attorneys ascertain the forms of communication and advice most appropriate for a given client in particular circumstances. Our objective is to minimize all hidden costs required by providing a legal product in a form that enables informed internal decision-making. We also realize that assessments of litigation strategy and liability are best provided early and with accuracy.


A good client relationship requires us to ensure that our clients’ best interests come first. KMK does not employ a minimum billable-hours system for our lawyers because we believe that the most effective legal service requires our clients to feel free to raise questions and seek advice without concern about a law firm’s minimum-hours policies. All of our lawyers are evaluated on their ability to add value to our clients, rather than on how many hours they are able to bill clients in a given month.

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