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Bond Claims

Most public projects and some private projects require that contractors post various bonds that protect different rights and include different obligations. These are legal contracts that are strictly enforced by the courts.
KMK has a long history of utilizing the payment bond laws of all 50 states to perfect and enforce our construction clients’ payment bond claims to recover millions of dollars of our clients’ overdue construction receivables.
If a client asks us to recover a construction receivable due on a public project, anywhere from Maine to Hawaii, one of the first things we do is determine if the project is bonded and, if so, determine whether our client is eligible to assert a bond claim. If so, then we immediately send out the notices and take the other steps necessary to perfect the bond claim and recover payment from the surety.
Our reputation as accomplished litigators enables us to negotiate settlements for our clients not only where valid lien claims exist, but also when contract law is the only available remedy. If litigation becomes necessary, we have an experienced team of litigators that can act quickly to enforce your rights.

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