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Preference & Fraudulent Transfer Litigation

KMK attorneys provide unsurpassed representation to business creditors faced with avoidable preference claims and fraudulent transfer claims.
Preference Claims
Our attorneys are regularly engaged by our clients to defend them against avoidable preference claims and preference actions brought in bankruptcy courts throughout the United States, whether the claims are asserted under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code or in state court receivership matters.
By immediately evaluating the merits of the preference claim, we can structure arguments on behalf of our clients at the earliest opportunity. Our approach allows the formulation of the strongest possible defense and promptest resolution which results in the maximum opportunity to achieve a zero-dollar recovery against our clients.
Creditors who receive a demand for the return of an allegedly voidable preference or are sued by a bankruptcy estate seeking to recover an allegedly voidable preference should promptly contact KMK to evaluate the claim.
Fraudulent Transfer Claims
A less common claim, but one that’s more vexing, is one by a bankruptcy estate seeking to recover an alleged fraudulent transfer. Like preference defenses, fraudulent transfer defenses are nuanced, but KMK attorneys have experience defending these claims all over the country as well.
Call us at (414) 962-5110. Our attorneys are continually engaged in not only defending our clients against preference and fraudulent transfer claims but also pursuing debtors and their cohorts for recovery of fraudulent transfers in bankruptcy courts anywhere in the country.

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