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Loan/Lease Restructuring, Workouts & Enforcement

Business reorganization and restructuring can be extremely complex. Instability of capital structure and financial distress can come as the result of both internal and external change. However these changes come about, our business workout and debt restructuring solutions address the full range of challenges your company could face.


Making effective adjustments can include leveraging the value of assets, negotiating with creditors, and raising additional capital as part of the strategy to reestablish stability. KMK’s Business & Financial Services attorneys focus on the unique strategic, operational, financial, and capital needs of each client. Our broad-based experience across multiple industries allows us to develop and execute creative strategies to deliver optimum benefits.


Working with lenders and other stakeholders, KMK will improve the profitability, liquidity, and cash-flow performance of distressed, troubled, or under-performing companies.  We provide a uniquely holistic approach that ensures our clients’ goals are achieved and implement turnaround plans that produce effective, long-term results.


This philosophy applies to leases, as well. KMK believes that, in the right situation, restructuring loan and lease documents can provide both a short-term and a long-term benefit to our landlord clients. Additionally, after an agreement is reached, we go the extra mile to monitor the matter and ensure the agreement is being properly honored.


In the event of a breach, KMK promptly advises clients on the next steps to enforce the agreement. Finally, if litigation becomes necessary, you can rely on our experienced and highly honored litigation attorneys to see the matter through to completion.

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