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Lender and Financial Transactions

KMK offers a full spectrum of transactional support to its clients. To other clients that enjoy a fully-staffed corporate counsel office, we provide support for in-house counsel. KMK attorneys can act as retained counsel, responsible for the full range of operational legal issues, or act as support for in-house counsel in non-standard areas or when workload precludes full attention of corporate attorneys. We offer negotiation, drafting, and interpretational skills combined with deep knowledge of the law. Since 2002, our transactional team has included the author of the Wisconsin State Bar Association’s annual survey of developments in business and securities law.


KMK offers general advice and practical assistance regarding the legal issues resulting from day-to-day business operations, including:


  • Advice on legal aspects of business decisions or strategy options;
  • Contract drafting, negotiating, reviewing, and pro-forma design;
  • Secured and unsecured transaction negotiation, documentation, and enforcement, supported by recovery throughout the United States and beyond;
  • Advice on raising capital, including compliance with state and federal securities laws;
  • Distributor, agency, and supplier agreements and structures;
  • Real estate negotiations and documentation, including the negotiation and review of leases;
  • Evaluation of legal issues and disputes that arise during contract performance;
  • Employment matters, including advice regarding hiring and termination, employment agreements, employee handbooks, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, and employment and independent contractor questions;
  • Preparation of business and financial proposals, including requests for tenders (RFPs), business plans, and financial presentations;
  • Formation of all types of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability entities.
  • National and international common carrier/transportation law;
  • Contracting via electronic means, including online; and
  • Debt recovery across the United State and beyond.


KMK attorneys can serve on a negotiating or project team as required. Alternatively, our support can be high level, such as counseling officers and directors regarding fiduciary and other obligations, or preparing board and committee charters and other board materials. Because experienced in-house counsel will often face issues that occur too infrequently to allow them to be current, or encounter priorities or demand peaks that preclude full and prompt attention to every legal concern, KMK gears itself to provide them with flexible support. Our aim is to establish the balance that delivers the most cost-effective mix of the strengths of our clients’ in-house counsel and the external skill-sets of our law firm.

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