Paul Daly is an IT professional who has significant experience in the implementation, operation, and integration of software, hardware and cyber applications in critical business areas. During more than fifteen years with KMK, Paul has witnessed the law relating to the Internet and electronic information growing more complex. Paul draws upon prior business management experience to relate the practical impact of these laws on the realities of business operation and management. He is familiar with the theoretical and practical impact of the law on businesses and their information capabilities, needs, and practices.

Paul has worked with small and emerging businesses and systems as well as with major research infrastructures with in excess of 10,000 users. As a result, he is well aware of the different technical and operational constraints that information technology functions work under, as well as being familiar with the need to work within the financial and technical resources of a particular user.

Paul understands the practical problems posed by the new Federal Rules of Evidence and recent federal and state case law in relation to information management and discovery. He is well-positioned to provide practical guidance on the means to recover electronic records without exposing a business to potential judicial sanctions for spoliation, or to assist with defining the practical steps necessary to put in place the recommendations of KMK attorneys regarding litigation holds. Paul has also had considerable exposure to the issue of protecting the confidentiality of electronic information in a variety of circumstances, such as the use of web-based customer-facing applications or the communication of proprietary information.

Paul provides practical technical expertise to assist clients in putting attorney recommendations and court orders into effect, either by working with technologists to implement the legal requirements or by explaining the technical aspects of the requirements and identifying potential independent sources of implementation.

Such activities have included:

  • Planning, establishing and administering corporate IT policies.
  • Analysis of the needs of different company functions and the establishment of priorities and project metrics for feasibility studies, systems design and implementation.
  • Provision of IT project management and coordination of IT consultants serving in a legal expert capacity.
  • Manage roll-out of hardware and software.
  • Training all levels of personnel to understand and use new business applications.
  • Management and control of documentation for large litigation matters.
  • Project management, planning, and implementation of image processing and document coding.
  • Consultant to counsel to businesses facing electronic discovery related issues.
  • Supervision of projects with third-party litigation support services.
  • Computer hardware assembly, network support, and software installation.
  • Implementation of paperless document management and conversion for Internet access.
  • Assistance developing and deploying online databases.


  • University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, B.A.