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Mortage Default Services

Mortgage Default Services

KMK’s Foreclosure Department utilizes the latest foreclosure tracking and accounting software and is supported by document management applications and high capacity fiber-optic connectivity. This three-pronged approach ensures that our foreclosure services remain at the forefront of efficiency and effectiveness, so we can continue to provide our clients with transparent processing. It also augments our ability to deliver the quality of service expected and ensures continued excellent service as our volume of work increases.


Apart from other exclusive online services, we employ a number of different systems to support rapid, responsive, and transparent processing and resolution of foreclosure and bankruptcy issues, including:


  • Lenstar;
  • Vendorscape;
  • New Invoice;
  • iClear;
  • New Track;
  • Fidelity Interchange Services Network; and
  • PACER.


Our systems are designed to flag mandatory timelines and nuances in the judicial system, such as local rules and changes of personnel, as well as identifying common impediments to foreclosure and bankruptcy proceedings. Most importantly, our case management system is regularly reviewed and evaluated to determine new opportunities for technological and business process enhancement. Our objective is to stay on the “cutting edge” of technological capability.


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