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Robert “Bob” Mikulecky is responsible for the recording and processing of all monies secured in the liquidation of delinquent accounts placed with KMKSC for collection on a contingent fee basis. Bob audits all sums received by KMKSC, and ensures that the correct sums are distributed to clients.


His duties include the assurance that all contingent fees, as may be assessed in the thousands of accounts working at KMKSC at any given moment, are in fact in compliance with the applicable fee structure between client and our firm and as may be applicable to any local counsel as may be employed in local venues.


An employee of KMKSC for eighteen years, he addresses all inquiries relating to accounts placed with KMKSC on a contingency basis. Bob also assists with general queries relating to the workings of contingent fee arrangements and helps develop procedures for greater working efficiency between our firm and its clients.


Bob’s many years with KMKSC have given him a deep understanding of all facets of the commercial collection and debt liquidation industry.


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